Saturday, August 16, 2014

Coming "Home"

  "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing."
                                                                                   George Bernard Shaw

"My" Sojourn
The Roof Garden Commission at The MET
Coming back to NYC on trustworthy Megabus with a very dear Friend got us into to my Hx3 around 11:30pm.  My Sojourn was open, and very willing to provide a nightcap!  It was fun to see some friends, and introduce some very special people from two of my lives.

Having a leisurely wakeup we then took a long walk in my Park (Central), and I played “tour guide” with some of the information I have studied and learned.  (Again, my poor little brain has been working on overload since May, but that is all a very good thing.)  Ending our trek on the Rooftop of the MET we enjoyed a glass of Prosecco while perusing the views and The Roof Garden Commission of Dan Graham with Günther Vogt.  Interesting.

Agata & Valenta
Picking up some provisions for one of my favorite dinners: crackers, cheese, meats (already had thecwine!) at my favorite neighborhood store, Agata & Valenta, we munched until my Philosophy Friend joined us, and then off to Industry City in Brooklyn for a Rooftop Film.  This was the first time I was a guest, and not working with them.  It was fun!)  I know my Dear Milton Friend loves seeing me in my elements of my NYC life, and my Philosophy Friend had never been to a Rooftop Film, either.  Great film, (The Trip to Italy with Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon) created a great evening with two of my Special People.  What more can a Girl ask for?!

I have mentioned, many times, that I can get lost on the Internet for hours, wasting precious time, but also finding treasures.  It was somehow, somewhere on a time wasting mission that I discovered Feastly.  I had been reading about the “underground restaurant movement” that is popping up all over the world for a while and Feastly seems to be a clearing house, or a “dating sight” of sorts for some.  So, it was that I saw this event for the Saturday that Dear Friend would be in town, and we decided to give it a try.
“Live Jazz & Bagel Brunch! In Boerum Hill, Brooklyn|Classic New York Jew-ish fare, all done from scratch. The meal will be served buffet style, and guests will be seated in our air-conditioned, all-brick garage turned dining room/performance space, and will be treated to an intimate live jazz performance by one of NYC's best Traditional Jazz groups, Sneak Thievery. The group is led by accomplished trumpeter, Jason Prover.
We were so not disappointed.  On the contrary, it was a truly wonderful afternoon.  We were the Mothers, yet again, but I’m getting very used to that.  Out of the 16 Guests, 10 were wonderful and it was easy to just deal, or not, with the others.  The Hosts were amazing.  The Chef (a music therapist and musician by day) simply loves to cook.  The “Dishwasher” (contractor by day) loves that his roommate loves to cook.  They both love to entertain.  These great guys, and the leader of the Jazz Trio met in college in Florida.  The Hosts found this great space in Brooklyn, and the Contractor of the two designed their home and they worked together to create a wonderful space. (There is a great Huffington Post article on the apartment.)  I will be going to more Feastly events.  As a matter of fact, these great Guys want to do more.  I will look for them!
Sand Artist in Washington Sq Park
Ayana Lowe and Band
Our musical odyssey continued as we left Brooklyn content and full.  Meandering through Washington Square Park, people watching, enjoying the amazing day, we headed to Bar 55, which touts itself as a prohibition dive bar with incredible live jazz, funk, and blues is just that.  Being the first Saturday of the month we caught Ayana Lowe’s early show, a lady I have come to enjoy along with her great band.  From there we hopped across to Marie’s Crisis for awhile, which never disappoints.  Happily rounding out our great weekend playing, we tried a new Irish restaurant in my neighborhood for brunch on Sunday.  Flights is a nice addition.  I will try it again.

Then it was back to “normal”  Whatever that means.  My self-gifted Sabbatical has truly been the one of the best gifts I have ever given myself.  It was so very needed.  Now, I am ready for some normalcy.  So, I have thrown myself into my new job at Initiate Care.  I guess it’s a bit of a risk.  The first one I have ever taken professionally.  It’s heady, interesting, and a bit scary.  I am finally putting some trust into the universe! 

That being said, I really loved teaching another Mommy & Me class in Brooklyn. The maternal Grandparents were part of our class having moved recently form Berkeley, California to be close to their first grandchild.  And yet another small world story,.  I read Granddad’s book 23 years ago! 

"My" Kiosk
Great Jazz on Great Hill
My official start as a Greeter Guide in Central Park (you will find me at the East 72 Street Kiosk on Thursday afternoons from 4-7pm for the foreseeable future) was very enjoyable.  I get to help over 200 people in a shift with not just Central Park questions.  This week a Swiss Lady wondered what to do with her 13 year old daughter when they realized there was little hope of seeing Shakespeare in the Park.  I sent her off quickly in a cab to the Intrepid to see Captain Phillips (Broadway was too expensive.).  The Park will also provide me with other opportunities to be involved.  For instance, I was able to provide my services at Great Jazz on the Great Hill on a warm Saturday afternoon.  Eventful, and enjoyable, to say the least.

From the NY Times
Speaking of Shakespeare in the Park, Meeting friends and standing in line to try our luck for tickets at the Delacorte Theater on a perfect summer evening paid off in many dividends.  Our few hours there, in line with some truly interesting a great people, felt a bit like Shakespeare’s All’s Well that Ends Well.  It was a true exercise in karma.  John Lithgow, Annette Benning, et al. were wonderful, powerful, and mesmerizing in King Lear.

A piece from Rachel Feinsteins' "Folly"
All of this along with some writing classes, and my regular habits, morning walks around the Reservoir in the Park, yoga classes, and of curse my music nights at Sojourn, make for a full and interesting new life her in my city.  Picking up dinner at a Mexican Food Truck, and meandering the Park enjoying Rachel Feinstein's art exhibit "Folly".  Such are some of the many joys of this new hometown of mine.

Deepak Homebase at ABC Home
The Paradise of Medicine Buddha
One of the many things that has helped so much in my healing, besides my Philosophy Class, and the gift of friendship that our class has formed, is meditation.  It was on that note that I attended Deepak Chopra’s Global Meditation at one of my favorite spaces in NYC, Deepak’s Homebase in ABC Homes in Union Square.  It was rewarding on many levels.

Super Moon
I would like to share an interesting thing that happened this week.  I chatted with a man whom I have met before.  He got up to use the rest room, and mumbled something I didn’t hear.  A good friend told me he asked me if I wanted to bump.  “Bump? I asked. “They band’s not playing disco.”  My friend explained that I was asked if I was interested in doing ‘coke’ in the bathroom?!   Oh, my, I certainly do learn something new every day!  (Which made me giggle and think of what Kristi posted on her Facebook page the day after Christmas:  Had a wonderful Christmas cavorting about New York yesterday. Favorite part of the day: Upon exiting American Hustle with my mother I'm told, "So I thought that movie was going to be dancey-dance movie. You know, like 'the hustle'" Adorable.”
 Maybe it’s a good thing, once naïve, always naïve?!