Saturday, May 23, 2015

Maximizing March

"You are you.  Now isn't that pleasant?"  
Dr. Seuss
March definitely came roaring in keeping it tempting to continue the hibernation from the cold.  But, it is busy work rebuilding a life!  It is also daunting, scary, and exhausting.   Also extremely exciting, empowering, and exhilarating.   All good.

   So, on that note, I continued teaching my CPR a bit all over the city.  Loving it, and getting more and more confident, thus better at it.  I am awed and grateful for the peaceful impact I have on people.  Now, I know fully well, those nearest and dearest to me shake their heads and laugh at such a thought.  What I know for sure, is that my healing process is in full swing, and it shows.  (Also was able to pick up an “odd job” helping a Lady (friend of a friend) pack up her beloved home of 50 years to move closer to her sister in Philadelphia.  It felt good to help Mary as it was quite an emotional and overwhelming day for her.)
"My" Sojourn
Along with teaching my month was filled my “normal” routines, meeting with friends for birthday brunches (Pupleria), lunches (Irving Farm Coffee Roasters) and dinners (of course my Sojourn, Sushi Para, Luke’s).  I have many different people I can really call friends.  Life does get good, again.  (And, I have gotten over the “guilt” of not cooking enough.  Thank God.  Cooking for one, is not fun, and can be sad.  Getting rid of guilt in many areas of life, actually.  Finally…)

On International Women’s Day early in the month, I ventured over to Brooklyn to ART NY’s South Oxford Street Space for the International Women’s Artists Salon “Salon Symphony 2015.”   (As I walked up to the building it gave me a smile as it was originally the home to the Visiting Nurses Association.  Nurses are very special to me..especially the one in Sierra Leone right now.)  What a lovely afternoon of performance art of every variety, song, dance and readings.

From Broadway Cares website

How lucky am I that my old NYC “Roomies” invited to join them once again for Broadway Backwards, the annual benefit for Broadway Cares?!  It was another wonderful evening of song, dance and comedy with some of Broadway’s best, present, past, and future. 

The very next day I was treated to a special lunch at the Student Dining Room of City Tech’s Culinary and Hospitality program.  A, new friend, I hope, and I are forming a very nice collaboration between the school and the Food Film Festival.   We worked together last fall, and plan to make the relationship even stronger.

My friends at Rooftop Films asked for some help at a very special screening close to home at yet another beautiful church on Park Ave, St. Bartholomew’s.  And, there was champagne involved.  Ethan Hawke directed “Seymour: An Introduction.”   (Play a life more beautifully.)  It was a beautiful documentary about a renowned concert pianist who left the stage to teach.  Both men were in the house, and the talk back made me want to bring Seymour home.  (Just kidding, but he does seem like a sweet man.  He is very happy living alone.  Hmm, we do have that in common.)

I must share a fun story about that evening.  Setting up the coat check area, and running it, (Yes, I am a very good coat check girl…).  During the periodic rushes, I would barley look up until after taking the person’s coat to smile and say hello.  At one such time, I saw a man fumbling to take money out of his pocket.  I looked up and “Oh, thank you, but I really can’t.”  Mark Ruffalo smiled and said, “Oh, but I insist!”  The young college student working with me was speechless.  I gave her the money.

One of my favorite fireplaces..
Venturing up to Boston for a few days mid-month for a couple of appointments, allowed me to be   We headed further north to Vermont, enjoying the beauty and peace of Woodstock, even in mud season!  Taking a small road trip to Brandon Vermont, we visited my “Hat Ladies”, Nora and Sam (Swan & Stone Millinery, at their studio.  Beautiful and fascinating.  And, they bestowed yet another of their gorgeous hats on me as a gift.  Thank you!  Xo
with Mom for her Birthday.

March was also the month for 4th U’s Vday celebrations which reunited me with “old” friends from last year (Weird to say something like that.  I now have a “history” of sorts in my NYC!)  The celebrations kicked off with a benefit concert: “Bach With Chatty Pianist”.   Once again Emir Gamsızoğlu mesmerized, enchanted, and entertained us for a wonderful evening of music in the beautiful gothic setting of 4th Universalist Society.  Yet again, the weekend of presenting an Eve Ensler's play “Emotional Creatures, the secret life of girls around the world” preceded by “Women’s Voices”, was indeed very special.  There was not a dry eye in the house during the talk back of the cast with a group of middle school Ladies who attended the Saturday matinee performance.  100% of the proceeds from this weekend go to beneficiaries who deal with women’s and girl’s issues.  This year they were: GEMS, Her Justice, and

The Frick
My March ended at one of my favorite places, The Frick Collection, yet again!  Having been invited as a past member, I invited a friend and we enjoyed a lovely evening sipping wine, surrounded by the magnificent art, chatting with other art lovers.  Doesn’t get much better than that!  (Waiting patiently for the lamb weather to arrive.)