Friday, January 24, 2014

Week 17 Networking

        "Courage is the price that Life exacts for granting peace"
                                                            Amelia Earhart

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Still feeling exhausted from all the fun with India’s bureaucracy, I headed to the Grand Central area to have dinner with my Philosophy Friend and her “Person” (ala Grey’s Anatomy..I was told in recent years that if we have at least one or two people who are true friends, we are blessed.  I am very blessed as I have more than 2).  It was an interesting, mind-spinning dinner at Pershing Square Café. I have been told that I am a great networker.  Maybe I am, but don’t tell me I’m networking til after the fact.  If you put me in a room and say: “Go Network”.  I freeze.  This dinner may turn into a piece of a new career?  We’ll see!
One of my goals for the year, for life, is peace.  Peace of mind, peace of soul.  Thank God, I am beginning to have that, on most days, anyway.  Not to be airy fairy, or new age crystally, Philosophy Class has truly helped.  And, I find myself really enjoying meditation!  It has helped calm, settle, and allow myself to be truly open to all my new experiences.  I am grateful.
I joined one of my all-time favorite museums, The Frick.  Usually I just join one museum a year, and I just renewed my membership for the MET.  But there was a very special Lady at the Frick. She came in October.  I went the Sunday after Thanksgiving to visit her but the line was around the block.  I decided to wait til the city was “quiet” in January to go back.  Time flies, and before I knew it, the exhibit was about to close.  The crowds had been unprecedented for this exhibit.  The only way to visit Vermeer’s “The Girl with The Pearl Earring” appeared to be to join.  So I did, and I was absolutely not disappointed.  She is stunning. (I must digress a bit again.  I have surprised myself over the years by how moved I get seeing certain pieces of art.  When I had that first mid-life crisis and joined Katie in Italy all those years ago, I cried when I saw The Pieta at the Vatican, David at Accademia, Boticelli’s Venus at the Uffizi.  Katie asked if I was going to cry for the whole two weeks.)
An entrance to the Central Park Zoo
From my perch @ the Plaza
I then enjoyed a long glorious walk through my Central Park ending at the Plaza, where I had a long leisurely glass of wine.  It was there that I read an email from a Lady at asking me to help her by being Coordinator of Volunteers for One Billion Rising at the Manhattan Center on February 14.  My stars may be aligning?
Kristi and I enjoyed Bedlam Ensemble’s “The Tennessee Williams Project” at the Gene Frankel Theatre.  A member of my Writing Group’s (and my new hairdresser) Daughter wrote and directed this play which was a compilation of five Tennessee Williams’ plays.  It was very good, and the costumes were great.
Hi Life Restaurant
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Following the play which was in NOHO (north of Houston Street), I did something which I’ve been wanting to do for quite awhile.  I poked around a restaurant supply store on The Bowery.  Fun, and picked up some throw away serving pieces for an event the next night.  Later that evening I joined my Philosophy Friend and her special Friend for dinner and a movie.  I thoroughly enjoyed my dinner at the Hi-life Restaurant and Lounge in my neighborhood.  (I think I had brunch there many years ago with one of “my person’s” daughter.)   We then jumped into a cab and crossed over to the West side to see “Her” which I found quite disturbing. 
"One Billion Rising" @ The Producer's Club
Sunday evening my “Artivists” group for One Billion Rising had a screening of the movie  “One Billion Risingat The Producer’s Club in the Theatre District.  (I love when I find myself in spaces that I’ve been to before; so many small theatres around the city.)  Lovely evening with a lovely group of people.  I am getting excited for Valentine’s Day.

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